Most butchers can say they offer a paddock to plate, here at St James we offer more than that. We offer a butcher who has been born and raised on the land.

I’m Kellie and I was born and raised in the small, remote town of Cloncurry in far North West Queensland. I grew up dividing my time between school life in town during the week and working on our family property on weekends.
After finishing school, I attended Longreach Agricultural College where I completed a diploma in Agriculture.  I undertook horse and cattle breeding courses, how to show and present livestock.  I even attended the EKKA for Junior Handlers and Judges. This led me to a new adventure in the Northern Territory where I worked on Tippery Station for a few years.
My career took a bit of a detour after Tippery and I spent time in finance, photography and even mining before moving to Adelaide where I began my apprenticeship at St James Quality Cuts.
Being able to cut meat is only one aspect of butchering. Knowing every step of an animal’s life, the impact animals have on the earth, what sustainability really means (for me) and every topic in between.
This job never ceases in teaching me something every day.

Butchery is more than just a career for me.

It’s a craft.
It’s creative.
I can experiment, be quirky, express myself through my products.
I love being able to engage with our community.

It’s all about good food.

Simply put, I love good food. Being a butcher was a direct line to having some of the best food I could imagine.